About Us
 We are Khetabeh Ghadir  site ,that is, friends and followers of Islam ,Quran and Imams.
You can accompany us, excuse me! You can like people who interested in Islam  ,Quran and Imams. So you are owner and assistant  the site.

We only believe to Islam and what holy prophet and Imams   left  as memorial  for us. We are responsible  for their commands  such as ” who present should say  this message to absent and parents should say to children until judgment day ” that holy prophet  stated  in his important and historic  speech among crowed of people in last haj in Ghadir day.

This was the last messege of holy prophet  which people heard  in Ghadir day and sweared their allegiance with Alias muslim commander. They repeat and repeat accompany with holy prophet.
In spite of  the fact that most of the historian from different branches of Islam explained it , But we don’t know why   the rightfulness  document of Imam Ali andd his descedants  had left seprated.

Furthermore  the enamoured of  Islam  ,Quran , holy prophet  and Imams know little!
Only one sentence has remained from  the important and historic  speech of Ghadir day”whomsoever Iam master to, so is this Ali to him master.

But the opposite couldn’t bear that enamoured of Imams believe in this messege and change the content of it and said “Velayat means friendship not guardianship and Imamat!

So we are responsible for the command of holy prophet which ordered us to publish Ghadir messege until  resurrection.Khetabeh Ghadir site is one of lovers and followers  of Imamat which try in order to advertise holy prophet commands.So  we accompan kindly with friends and assistants  in this way.

In the hope of doing the less of our  duty!